At The Animal Clinic & Lodge, we pride ourselves on price transparency.

Our surgery prices include everything necessary for pre-operative assessment, the surgical procedure, and post-operative care. We believe that the following services and medications are essential to a safe surgery and pain-free recovery. Therefore, we incorporate them into our surgical pricing instead of offering them as “add-ons” in addition to the surgery price.

All Surgeries Include:
  • Pre-surgical examination
    • Detection of abnormalities with heart or lungs
  • Pre-surgical bloodwork
    • To ensure proper organ and blood cell function to decrease anesthetic risk
  • IV catheter
    • To maintain IV access in case of emergency
  • IV fluids
    • To maintain proper blood volume and blood pressure
  • Patient monitoring
    • Utilizing state-of-the-art patient monitoring and a Licensed Veterinary Technician, your patient is monitored from sedation to recovery
  • Pain medication (after surgery and sent home)
    • Surgery is painful. We believe that all pet’s should receive pain control during the recovery period
  • E-Collar (if necessary)

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